Transportation Trends, Challenges Emerge At Dallas Conferences


Transportation trends, challenges emerge at Dallas conferences

TX Transportation Meeting

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (left) gave U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx a tour of one of the city’s streetcars in April. At the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Reed told colleagues such public projects have improved Atlanta residents’ quality of life and spurred more than $1 billion in private investments.

Published: 22 June 2014 10:56 PM

Updated: 23 June 2014 12:11 AM

North Texas is a car-loving region that’s also home to the nation’s longest light-rail network. And in the past week, Dallas has served as the epicenter for national discussions about how transportation solutions are devised and implemented.

A cadre of professors, architects, politicians and technology executives talked about how transportation works — or doesn’t — in cities during last week’s New Cities Summit and the ongoing U.S. Conference of Mayors.

And even though the country predominantly moves by automobile, many of the conversations focused on public transit and biking.

“The fact that we’ve given our soul to the car is nothing new,” Alex Krieger, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, said at the New Cities Summit. “What we need to do in this country is provide more choice.”

Here’s a look at some of the ideas, trends and challenges speakers addressed:

Bike lanes

The president of People for Bikes told a room full of the nation’s mayors that biking increases when cities put up a physical barrier, instead of a painted line, between car and bike lanes. A report from Tim Blumenthal’s organization found that property values in some cities are higher around bike trails. It also says biking promotes better health and that retail customers who bike to stores spend more per month than drivers.

“I’m not here to tell you how cities can help bike riders and bike riding,” Blumenthal said. “I’m telling you how bike riders and bike riding can help cities.”

Automated cars

Claire Hughes Johnson, the vice president for Google’s self-driving car project, said automated vehicles could make driving safer. She said most accidents are caused by human error and that more than 33,000 Americans die in wrecks every year.

“That’s the equivalent of a Boeing 737 going down every weekday,” she said.

Johnson also told the mayors that automated cars would be safe enough to drive with much less distance between vehicles.

“We could actually use 30 percent more — at least — of our highways,” she said.

Streetcar projects

Dallas is currently building a streetcar line from Union Station downtown to Methodist Dallas Medical Center in north Oak Cliff. The city plans to expand it to the Bishop Arts District and eventually hopes to tie it into the McKinney Avenue Trolley.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said a streetcar line helped remake his city’s Pearl District, an old rail yard turned into a high-density neighborhood. He said street cars are about place-making.

“It’s not a universal tool,” Hales said. Street cars need to be used to benefit land along the lines, not “ just to solve a congestion problem.”

Federal funding

North Texas transportation projects routinely receive federal funds after regional officials secure some level of local funds for the work. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told his counterparts during a transportation and communications committee meeting about the troubles of garnering federal dollars without a local match. He said Los Angeles started getting federal assistance once residents there approved a half-cent sales tax for transit projects.

“More and more, I think this is the model,” Garcetti said.


Atlanta in the past decade has spent hundreds of millions of dollars expanding a streetcar line and turning an abandoned rail line into a park linking 45 neighborhoods. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told his colleagues that the public projects have improved residents’ quality of life and spurred more than $1 billion in private investments.

“All of these projects have helped Atlanta’s economy to get off its knees,” he said.

Effects on land use

A constant refrain during the New Cities Summit echoed a growing national call for transportation officials to consider land use and economic development potential when planning how to move people through cities. Experts and academicians repeatedly said more highway capacity isn’t the answer and can actually hurt neighborhoods and cities.

“Mobility should not be the only variable,” Krieger said.

Harold Madi, Toronto’s urban design director, said ignoring how transportation infrastructure affects its surroundings has pulled urban areas apart for decades.

“It’s been absolutely detrimental to cities,” he said.

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Texas Driving Condition Takes Experience and Preparation


Driving in Texas with the proper transportation for off road you have to consider many elements.

image of Texas sun set

I have been living in Texas for a few years now and I love to travel allot. It’s a huge state and there are many way to get around but the most popular is using an off road vehicle, like a 4×4 truck or Jeep, even an all-wheel drive SUV. When you consider the long distance and harsh elements of desert like train in Texas you should have your truck tune and ready for the road. Most people check their tire pressure, radiator levels, and oil, have it tune up before a long journey.

One day on a long drive from Dallas, TX where I was living, I didn’t prepare my journey well and just went out on the road. My truck broke down just outside a small town called Abilene. I was lucky when a nice family stopped to help me get a tow truck into town to get it fix, they told me if I needed to get back to Dallas, TX I could take the train at the depot in Abilene. I was lucky it wasn’t anything big and had my truck back on the road, but the option to taking a train was nice to know.

train tracks TX

I learned my lesson from that trip, always be prepared when traveling long distances especially where there is nothing around. I learned from my experience when I broke down and have never been so unprepared like I was before. I even have a CB in my Truck now when traveling down those long roads on highway 220, there’s a lot of truckers who can help you out if you know how to use a CB. I’m even thinking of installing extra previsions just in case I get caught out for an all night stay. I have added extra first aid kits, water, food, even another spear tire.

When I was younger and could afford a new vehicle and I traveled long distance in this type of environment, I was usually nervous because my truck is old and in need of some work. With all the noises and the engine running like a time clock I never knew if it would make the distance. Traveling like this was not that enjoyable but I was young and didn’t care too much. Now that I’m older and have retired that old truck which is my field in back yard, I love to travel in my new SUV 4×4 Ford Explorer Sport. The new problem I have is I like to go even further and push my off road SUV to its limits which is not smart, so I’m again nervous but like I was when I was younger, but at least I’m more prepaid and smart about my limits. I also know my off road vehicle pretty good and take longer trips and test its limits and come home so it doesn’t break down.

image of old truck

So if you are planning to do some long distance traveling in Texas take into consideration the long distances, hot climates in the summer and remote places with no help. You should prepare your jeep, all wheel drive, car, SUV or whatever you take for these elements.

Treasure Hunting is Great Fun!

Treasure Hunting is Great Fun!


Treasure Hunting in general is great fun!

Treasure hunting comes in all shapes and sizes, as it could be land based, it could be in the beaches, in the woods or even under water. You can also have a hunt for birthday parties or what ever the occasion is. In any case, having a few treasure hunting tips handy would do your chances a world of good and make your venture a profitable one. You can hide objects outdoors for everyone to find, make it unique and clever.

The treasure hunt concept is the perfect game for outdoor kids parties. It requires a lots of movement and they will have fun playing. What you need for this game is some imagination to identify corners where to hide the clues, a map, and some cool items to hide. You can make you adventure as hard or easy as you like, it depends on your overall age group of seekers. Some even use metal detectors to go for the bigger or deeper caches.


treasure hunt

Treasure hunts not only play up on the prospect of finding something wonderful, it also makes the journey going there challenging and gratifying as well. After all, a person experiences the greatest satisfaction if he or she knows that he or she earned what he or she found after so much hard work. In the case of adventures all called scavenger hunts, finding the cache becomes fun when participants have gone through some hard to find clues, and exhausting trips with no luck in finding anything, why make it easy right?

Have a treasure hunt today!

Give him or her a clue that will lead to another clue, that will, in turn, lead to another clue, and so forth, until he gets to the final note that tells what his treasure is.

Online treasure hunts are a new development where participants follow clues and visit different websites (or even physical locations) to solve riddles. Participants can win prizes for correctly solving puzzles to win treasure hunts. Many of these online hunts are subject to internet gaming laws that vary between jurisdictions. A photo treasure hunt is a new way to play the well known treasure hunt game. The main difference between them is that in a photo treasure hunt the competitors have to collect pictures rather than collecting items.

Create a treasure hunt.

eave clues around making sure to hand him or her a card in the beginning with the first clue. You could sneak out and hide clues in the car, at the office or some other place he or she will need to go that day. Again, be creative and have fun with it. You could be the prize at the end of the treasure hunt.

Join Chad, Matt & Rob as they get tangled up in the hunt for a long lost treasure! Directed by: Tyler Gillett & Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Visual Effects by: Just…

Embark on a Treasure Hunt.

Its fun for kids of all ages love to solve puzzles, follow a trail of clues, and race to track down hidden loot, and a classic printable treasure hunt with fun and clever pre made clues is the perfect solution when you need an exciting party game quickly that children will love. Online treasure hunts like Geocaching or Geo Detecting Treasure have become very popular. You simply use the smart phone and GPS coordinates to find the cache or downloaded and print the coordinates and go to your caches hiding place. You can even create your own treasure hunts caches for other friends or even a your own club and its cache. Don’t limit yourself to birthdays – these can be used to entertain your young children, teens, and their friends during sleepovers, on holidays, at picnics and while outdoors, on vacation, in the classroom, or for family fun night, plus there are many other themes to choose from. There are so many great ways to entertain your friends, party and family while doing a treasure hunt, or scavenger hunts. Check out more about treasure hunts found at

Metal Detecting TV Shows AT Pro

Metal Detecting TV Shows AT Pro

Metal Detecting is fun and one of the top machines is the Garrett AT Pro.

The AT Pro skillfully created machine and executes the task that concentrates much more on the quest for treasure.

The adrenaline rush of treasure detection imagining the big discovery is what many amateur treasure seekers start off thinking. There are many TV shows like the Discovery Channel Diggers are all about this hobby, it’s just for fun, to others its big business. Although there is a lot of time spent on the features of the Garrett AT Pro and exactly how it’s used at all levels, it takes you about 60 hours of use to master using it.

This news publication starts out with a number of scenes of prize hunters in the industry and talks about them. Many brief clips are woven together from TV shows, each of the clips revealing different climates and landscapes, hunts and more. There is a pasture clip and a desert clip and video in a forest then a jungle, old farms, beaches, the treasure hunters go all over the world. It’s very entertaining to watch, but if you have actually found treasure with the Garrett AT Pro you can’t compare the thrill of a TV show and how real metal detecting makes you feel.


The voice over as we view these prospectors look talks about the exhilaration that is contended finding the smallest prize or artifact to big gold.

It states that while huge interest and enriching finds are feasible, such as the recent treasure troves discovered in Germany and the millions in gold coins found by a USA married couple, you never know when you will strike it rich. But these are rare finds and it is the really rare artifact find that keeps most hunters taking place a week-to-week basis.

After going over the thought of find big money prizes caches, most TV shows start out the real job of talking about the Garrett AT Pro metal detector. The narrator talks about the AT PRO is more advanced in comparison to most metal detectors in the market.

The Garrett ACE 350 and 250 are a lower grade more for amateur metal detectorist, yet not as state-of-the-art or expensive as the AT Pro is, Garrett’s reduced their price so even the armature can afford it.

The TV shows and YouTube videos goes over several of the AT Pro features.

This is done with a spokesperson revealing the detector and highlighting each of the features. These attributes include the Garrett AT Pro is effective with a Double D search coil that provides better detection depth and much better efficiency in ground. A digital pinpointed that give even more precise target area is another main feature. The AT Pro has five search methods, including one hands-on mode, all to assist you enhance your search methods.

It is very enticing that the info does disappoint any person striking it rich and does not make guarantees of instantaneous wealth. General it seems a reasonable and balanced. What a great time to be involved in this hobby, the media is all over this and continues to gain even more traction on the net.

Treasure Mountain Detectors can provide you with the expertise you need.